Looking for George Weiss, son Jeno and Malvina Weiss, born Budapest 1938? Living in Be'er Sheva? #hungary #israel

Emma Cole

Making progress in trying to trace Malvina and Jeno Weiss and family thanks to the wonderful help of Valentin Lupu (I am forever grateful Valentin). So Valentin managed to find Malvina's gravestone in Be'er Sheva, with the joy of finding that she was buried next to Jeno, who must have survived in spite of the official records suggesting he didn't. In addition, he discovered that a son, George Weiss, was an inheritor. The inscription on the gravestones suggests that George was not the only child, and that there are grandchildren too. So now I am looking for both George and his sibling. George may have stayed in Be'er Sheva, there is also a chance that he or a sibling returned to Hungary in the 1960s. If anyone knows how I might find George and his family, I would be deeply grateful, thank you. Emma Cole

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