Re: Kogan/Kagan #ukraine

Yefim Kogan

My group is doing a lot of translations/transliterations and in handwritten Russian it is almost the same Kogan or Kagan, that is why one translator will put KOGAN, another may put KAGAN for the same writing...
I believe that Cohen is equivalent to both Kogan and Kagan, no difference.

Here are couple examples...  in a shteitle Kaushany in late 1930s there were about 400 Jewish families and among them 70(!)  had last name Kogan.  Among them my father's family.  From that number we knew about half of Kogan's...  and the others likely not related directly.

I also knew from my father that he is not a Kohen, and the reason he knew was that his great grandfather changed his name to Kogan at some point in middle of 19 century.  There were reasons to changes surnames...  But my father's mother with maiden name also Kogan was a Kohen's line.   And my mother with a different last name - Spivak was also from Kohanim line.

By the way in Romanian, before 1940 my father's surname was spelled COGAN.

Yefim Kogan

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