An Updated Index of Jewish Surnames in Cairo #sephardic #names

Abuwasta Abuwasta


I am delighted to inform you that I just updated the “Index of Cairo Surnames” which I published at

the end of last year. It contains 1,854 surnames compared to1,689 in the last one. However, the

following 11 surnames came in after the index went to print: Becker, Lobelson, Falksohn, Cohn,


Schlimovitz, Cohn-Galatz, Helal, Halala-Cohen, Frank, Eni, Grabavetzky.  Nevertheless, it is not a


complete list and I am sure that there are more to be unearthed. This is the link:

Please go slowly through the list because the surname you are looking for may be spelled in a

 different way you are acquainted with. Please, let me know

if you find mistakes or you know a surname which is not on the list. Thanks.

Jacob Rosen


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