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Hilary Osofsky

Despite having conferred conventional Hebrew names upon three of his daughters - Chava (Chawa?), Hendel, and Yehidis -  my great-grandfather's brother named one of his daughters what I'm told is a highly unusual, unfamiliar name: MIZREKHTSCH or MIZRAKHETSH, apparently meaning "daughter or the East." Please see photo, attached.

Although we do not know my great-great-grandparents' place of origin, my g-grandfather and his siblings were born in Vychodna, in the Zilina Region of Northern Slovakia, where the family principally lived. My great-granduncle's wife was born in Szent Marton, Martin District of Zilina; however, they principally settled in Turany, also in the Martin District. The daughter in question was born in Turany in 1881. 

I was unable to locate the name  Mizrekhtsch (or its variation) either in the JewishGen Given Names Database or on Google and am wondering whether anyone has ever encountered this name before or might have any explanation, or better translation, for the name.

Thank you for any input you might provide.

Hilary Stein Osofsky
Orinda, CA

SLOVAKIA: STEIN - Vychodna, Turany, Kral'ova Lehota, Liptovsky Hradok; NUERNBERGER - Zalesie, Hagy, Vysne Ruzbachy, Podolinec, WOLF - Moravia, Huncovce, Jelsava, Revuca, Nizne Ruzbachy, Vysne Ruzbachy, Sulin, Kral'ova Lehota, and environs
POLAND: GUTTMAN - Grywałd, Nowy Targ County, Lesser Poland Voivodeship 
LITHUANIA > ENGLAND: IDELS / IDELOVICH / EDELSON - Zemaiciu Naumiestis, Kvedarna, Manchester

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