Looking for Urche GERSZONOWICZ-GOLDSTEIN born about 1893 in Lodz and emigrated to USA #lodz #usa #poland #russia

Dominique MERLET

I am looking for information about Urche GERSZONOWICZ, born around 1893 in Lodz. He emigrated to the USA, I don't know in which year.
His parents were Jankiel GERSZONOWICZ and Yenta SZERPANSKA. One of his brothers, David GERSZONOWICZ, born around 1888, emigrated to the USA in 1913 and lived for a long time in Paterson (NJ). David died in New York in 1959. The name GERSZONOWICZ was abandoned in favor of the name GOLDSTEIN upon arrival in the USA.
Urche would also have changed his name to GOLDSTEIN and probably his first name because I find no trace of him in the USA.
Can someone help me?
Dominique Merlet

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