Lost person: Canadian Woman born 1972 #canada

Zalman schwartz

* looking for: woman named Joanna (we lost the Surnames)
* Was Borne in Canada 1972 and grew up in Canada (can be end of 1971 or begin of 1973)
* Ashkenazi
* Blond hair straight hair.
* high 1.63m approx.
* English speaker.
* Has at least one brother
* Non religion family
* Lived in japan from Aug 1992 till Aug 1993 as an English teacher even though it was not her profession as a title. (That time in Japan many companies invited native English speakers to give classes for their executives so even without proper titles they could get the job with all expenses included).
* stayed in the south of japan in a city named kita-kyushu.
*  Before her arrival to Japan in 1992 she visited India for social help in hospital as a volunteer.
* we have no photo but can be recognized by the provided photo.
Zalman Schwartz
Los Angeles CA.

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