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Dear Fellow Genners,

Never underestimate the value of Newspapers in helping with your "Brick Walls".
I have been searching various branches of my Welsh Jewish Family that settled in the USA in the mid 1880's
I have managed to track down the descendants of 5 siblings, but couldn't get any further with one of the siblings, who appears as Inder|Inde|Hinda in various documents.
When I asked a granddaughter of one of Inder's siblings if she knew of any of her grandmother's siblings, she said she didn't know any of them but when I mentioned the name, Hinda/Inder, she said that name did sound familiar, but that's all she could tell me.
This week I found an online newspaper Obituary for one of the siblings, Harry Bertell ( Born Henry Bertelesteine) (Most family members went by Bertlestein/Bertelstein), who died on 31 October 1967 in Kenneth City, Florioda.
The Obituary mentions he was originally from Massachusetts.
It also mentions a sister named Indie Ogontz of Boston as a surviving member of his family.
So I finally found her married surname.
I used online directories and discovered that she was married to a David Ogontz and they lived in Boston, MA.
I found a death date online for Indie|Inde: 5 November 1972, Boston, MA. (She was born on 3 September 1893, Hyde Park, MA, USA)
I have found online records for a David Jacob Ogontz, who was married to a Rebecca and they had a few kids. They also appeared to have lived in Massachusetts at some stage as well
I don't know whether this is the same David Ogontz who married my relative or not.
Indie/Inde could well have been a second wife, but dates and timings of certain records appear to discount this.
On David Jacob Ogontz's WWII Draft Card- he notes the person who will always know his address as Isaac OGINZ of cambridge, MA.
This strongly suggests that Ogontz & Oginz are variations of the same surname and that David & Isaac were somehow related.
I have found no marriage details for Indie & David , no death certificate for either of them nor have I found any references as to where they might have been buried/cremated?
I have also found no references to any kids they might have had, but I have a feeling they didn't have any kids.
I would be most grateful if anyone can add any further information about this couple: where they might be buried, if they had any kids or  even knowledge of any extended family who might be able to help me further.
Happy Chanukah
Dr Joel Levy, London UK.

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