Re: Searching OGONTZ-OGINZ, Massachusetts, USA #usa


Hallo Joel, 
Regarding your questions about David and Indie Ogontz:
- According to the 1900 census Indie was born in 1891 and not 1893.
- According to the 1930 census she and David Ogontz got married in 1929 or early 1930.

- I believe that this was David's second marriage - his first wife was, as you write,  Rebecca.  

- in the 1940 census David was listed living  alone, but married and not divorced.
- I couldn't find David's death date. Considering the fact that his name appears in city didirectori until late 1960, he most probably died during the 60s or early 70s in Massachusetts. Apparently both of them are burried in Massachusetts. 
I hope that all these will be helpful to you in some way. 
Giannis Daropoulos 


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