Re: Name changed in London before coming to US, searching for original name #names


In fact I think it depended a lot on "alien" status. 

The Alien Restriction act of 1914 was then amended and extended in December 1919. 

That placed an obligation on "aliens" to register name changes (personal and business)

The legislation is here

Bear in mind when reading that the 1919 legislation particularly was to a considerable extent specifically targeted at Jewish Marxist terrorists operating in and around London and causing considerable mayhem, murders and robberies in furtherance of their cause. 

The largest terrorist standoff on British soil remains the siege of Sidney street which resulted from the activities of these individuals who caused so much disrepute to our community and who drove this legislation. An earlier motivation of the Act (of 1914) was motivated by a fear of German spies (German Jews felt compelled to announce their support for Britain in 'loyalty letters' to newspapers).

An alien was I think defined as a non-citizen, and not all Jews would have fallen into that category.

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