Re: tens of thousands members "family trees" in Ancestry #general #announcements #education

Sharona Zaret

Many people copy other trees that pop up as hints which is why they have so many names in their tree to begin with. In the beginning of my own research  a decade ago I was guilty but didn't take long for me to realize what I was doing wrong. Most of these are inexperienced in researching. I have experienced others copying my tree as well and mixing up parents also such as what two have said here. I keep mine private also. Unfortunately all are entitled to search however they want and no one is restricted on what is found. Ancestry does give a hint of a question mark if records and dates don't exactly match I have noticed but is ignored by quite a few. For those "more experienced" it is highly irritating. For me, though now I see immediately these people either don't realize they have these "floating names" in their tree and/or not where I am in my experience with researching. But those merely racking up the most deceased on FAG are horrible at this which is why I don't bother with that site at all. Trying to get them to change their erroneous information or even take a suggestion is just out of the question. Moderators as well don't seem to bother looking at the time passed for that one racking up names to respond to suggestions. But a lot of people do copy that information as if it is correct. I sympathize with disgruntled here but also agree that some have yielded information just unable to find otherwise such as in Stephen's case above. 

Sharona Zaret via Linda.Z, Rock Hill SC

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