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Murray Sperber

February 23, 1921 my grandparents with their four adult children arrived at Ellis Island.  On the manifest, in the far left column, is "SI", Special Inquiry.  Spread over columns 4-7, next to my grandparents' names, and one of their children, is "Hold Med".
In the "Record of Aliens Held for Special Inquiry" after only my grandfather's name is "LP C" (Aliens likely to become public charges) as well as four other codes I cannot make out.
Under the "Actions of the Boards of Special Inquiry" below the subhead of "Admitted" the date is 3/5" "Page 69".  Under the headings "Breakfast" and Dinner" is the number six (6).
Does this indicate they were held at Ellis Island from February 23 until March 5?  If so does the "6" in the meal column mean that they only had six meals for the ten days they were held?
If anyone can help me understand this I would be most grateful.
Murray S. Sperber
Los Angeles, CA

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