Re: tens of thousands members "family trees" in Ancestry #general #announcements #education


I and many others on JewishGen have ranted about this for years. There seems to be many individuals -- I call them "amassers" -- who pluck small family groups as new data appear on Ancestry and construct "trees" that are mindlessly picked up by genealogical naifs who add unrelated members of their families and construct  larger family trees. Seldom do verifying, additional sources appear that justify this mindless activity. I've contacted individuals asking about their relationship to members of my family and they either do not reply or give the lame excuse that they "forgot and have to look up" how they are related. A few have said they just saw the data on Ancestry and constructed a tree. Why? Anyone's guess. Maybe they get some sort of brownie points (in their own minds) for constructing these family group trees.
Judith Lipmanson

Smyrna, DE

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