Re: Searching OGONTZ-OGINZ, Massachusetts, USA #usa

R Jaffer

The David Jacob in the WWII registration is his wife as the address is the same as found in a 1941 Boston directory in which both he and Indie are together. He is a painter as is the man in the WWI registration and 1927 Boston Directory. Since his first wife is still living in NY in 1940 according to their son George's WWII registration, David either abandoned or divorced his first wife. Indie and David first appear together in a 1933 directory. Obtaining a marriage cert from Boston is a complicated procedure.

Since the burial locations are not found on any online sites, I suggest you order the death certs from:

The spelling below is taken from the death cert index on above site. Death records should list burial locations.

David Ogontz  6/10/1960
Indie Ogontz 11/05/1972
Lasser Bertelstein 07/15/1927
Easter Bertelesteine (Blume) 06/23/1929

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