How did my great grandmother travel to Ireland from Kyiv? #general #ukraine


My great grandmother Polly Fieldman was born in Kiev in 1889. She had a sister Leah (Lily) also born in Kiev about 1891. The other children were all born in Ireland.
The family (Polly and Leah and their parents Solomon /Samuel / David and Luby) travelled to Ireland around 1892 - 1893 and first settled in Dublin. My great great grandfather was named as Solomon / Samuel / David in different documents. We don't know when or where he died.
I had been led to believe that the family left on their migration via St. Petersburg but have no way to substantiate this.
Recently I saw something that indicated the family could have journeyed via Odessa.
There do not seem to be any passenger records for boats travelling to Ireland at the time. I wondered if anyone has any family who could have made a similar journey. Did they travel overland through Europe and then across England to get to Ireland?
I do know there are stories of migrants who wanted to get to America but the fare they had only allowed them to complete part of the journey.
My interest is in learning about the type of journey that the family had.
Thank you for reading this. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. It is important to me to know about the lives and ways of people and not just dates and places.
John Edwards

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