English Books for Jewish Krakow's History #galicia

Jacob Heisler

Hi everyone,

In my genealogy resource, my personal favorite branch of the family to
research is my Krakow branch. It's a major city with so many surviving
and largely transcribed records that I can trace five generations of my
family living there, going back to the 1790s, with unusual accuracy.

But the problem is I feel like I don't know enough about the city and its
Jewish past. And as far as I can tell most of the major Jewish histories
on Krakow are in languages I can't read. The great Jewish historian
Meir Balaban wrote two extensive volumes on Krakow, but they're in
Polish. And the main Yizkor book for Krakow is entirely untranslated on
the JewishGen Yizkor website.

So I was wondering if someone could tell me any good books on
Krakow's Jewish history that are written in English. I would also
appreciate a link to a website/page or any other resource I could use
to research Krakow and put my family history there into context.

Please keep in mind that if someone knows something that other
people might be interested in, try to share it with everyone else.

If anyone is interested, my Krakow families were WACHSBERG,

Jacob Heisler
Rishon LeZion, Israel

P.S. If anyone is interested, I also posted links below to Dan
Hirschberg's website (an extremely valuable website for anyone with
Jewish Krakow roots) and JewishGen's Yizkor table of contents for
Krakow's Yizkor book.


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