From Hungary to Germany: travel documents? #germany #hungary

Carole Bass

My great-grandfather Bernard Ackerman was born in 1874 in the northeast Hungarian village of Benk (near present-day borders with Ukraine, Slovakia, and Romania). After his birth, the next record I have for him is in Sodingen, Germany, in 1901, when my grandmother was born. 

My best guess is that he grew up somewhere in Austria-Hungary and emigrated to Germany as a young man, in the 1890s. What records might exist of such a journey? Did he need a pasport, visa, or other government document?

He and his family left Germany in 1903 for the United States. I have those passenger lists, his U.S. naturalization papers, and other documents starting from my grandmother's birth in 1901. I'm looking for earlier records from Hungary or Germany.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Shabbat shalom and happy Hanukkah to all.
Carole Bass
New Haven, Connecticut, USA

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