RIPSTEIN #canada

Paul Silverstone

I am trying to find the original name of the RIPSTEIN family of
Winnipeg. They came early to Winnipeg in the 1870s.
My cousin Reg Ripstein said his father told him the family name had been
changed but didn't tell him what it had been.

Those who came were the children of Bezalel and Hinia Gittel. They came
from Lithuania, he died there. She apparently died in Chicago in 1891.

Those who came to Winnipeg were
Simon Avigdor, who married Annie Finkelstein
David, whose first wife died 1881,
second wife Annie Feinberg died 1885,
third wife Mary (Miriam) Shapiro
Jacob (Yehiel) who married Yetta Bala Seipp
Rachel, who married Simon (Sidney) Diner

They had many descendants. Ripstein is a scarcely seen name, although
there is a branch in Mexico. Towns associated with the family are
Kovno, Darsuniskis, and also I have seen Trok in Volhynia.

I have searched the Litvak Sig database using first names but so far
have not found anything.

Suggestions for further search are welcome.

Paul Silverstone
West Vancouver, BC


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