Re: Jacob Grossman, Yiddish Actor, Bronx Art Theater #usa

Ethan Kent

Gail H. Marcus:

One of the librarians at the New York Public Library Dorot Jewish Division (who I got to know in the 10 years (before March of this year) that I regularly spent time reading material there) -- a lady named Amanda (she also goes by Miryem-Khaye) Seigel -- is a devoted Yiddishist and is interested in the history of Yiddish-language theater (and -- in fact -- has sung and acted in Yiddish); she might be able to track down information about the Bronx Art Theater (or know sources already).

The Dorot Jewish Division can be reached (librarians -- at least in September when I last sent email to them -- can be reached by email, even though the old NYPL main building is closed to the public) via dorotjewish@.... (I hope that it is OK to include that email address -- and the one I will be giving below).

(A page on Amanda/Miryem-Khaye Seigel -- with a link to her website -- may be found here: .

(I wish you Good Luck, too.)

Ethan Kent
New York City
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