Help with the given name "Kuna" (from Belarus) #belarus #names

David Gordon

My family has always said that my great-grandmother (born 1870 in Borisov) was named Kuna.  I had long doubted that that was her "real" given name but recently discovered one of her travel documents (she came to the US, through Latvia, in 1923) and the US consulate in Riga entered her name on a receipt as "Kouna."  I've poked around and have been unable to find out much about the name.  Can anyone tell me (1) whether it would be a Yiddish (or other) name and (2) whether it is likely to have been her given name?  Many thanks in advance.

David Gordon
Evanston, IL
HORWITZ (Lapichi and Smolevichi, Belarus); GIBALOVITCH (Borisov); GORDON (Butrimonys); HURWITZ (Gomel)

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