Announcing the publication of the Memorial Book of Shebreshin (Szczebrzeszyn, Poland) #poland

Joel Alpert

The Yizkor-Books-In-Print Project of JewishGen is proud to announce
the publication of its104th title, 'Memorial Book of Shebreshin"
Translation of Sefer zikaron le-kehilat Shebreshin, Memorial Book to
the Community of Shebreshin

Original Yizkor Book Edited by: Dov Shuval
Association of Former Inhabitants
of Shebreshin in Israel and the Diaspora
Published in Haifa, 1984.

List price: $60.95 available from JewishGen for $34
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Hard Cover, 8.5” by 11”, 542 pages with original photographs.
Editor of the original Yizkor Book: Dov Shuval

Layout: Jonathan Wind
Cover Design: Jan R. Fine
Name Indexing: Bena Shklyanoy

Szczebrzeszyn, Poland
is located at 50 deg 42’ N, 22 deg 58’ E 137
miles SE of Warsaw

From the Foreword:
The original Yizkor book of the Shebreshiner community, one of the
more than one thousand Jewish communities in Poland destroyed, is
published 42 years after the massacres in the shtetl, and 39 years
after the defeat of the Nazi regime and the end of the Second World
War. Is it not too late? Is it not in the sense of too little, too
late? Has not everything already been written about the destruction of
Jewish life in Poland? Has the material not already been exhausted? Of
course this sad chapter in the history of our people has not been
forgotten, but everything which has been written up to now has not
emphasized enough the extent of the loss: the tragic end of the
life-giving, thousand year old Jewish existence in Poland. Many yizkor
books of the devastated communities have been published, but it is not
sufficient. Every one of the survivors wants to cherish the memories
of the past, everyone wants to see his own city and story in the book,
wants to immortalize that which is most intimate to him. Every city
and shtetl was a little world of its own, a Jewish world with social
institutions, political parties, organizations, schools, and
synagogues, and a shared tradition. It is all unforgettable and
demands expression. Such was also Shebreshin, a shtetl in the Zamosc
area, Lublin province, which was populated by 8,000 people before the
war, 3,000 of whom were Jews.

Alternate names for the town: Szczebrzeszyn [Polish],
[Yiddish], Shchebreshin [Russian], Shevershin, Szebrzeszyn, Shabeshin
Nearby Jewish Communities:
Zwierzyniec 7 miles S
Chlaniow 10 miles NNW
Zamossc 12 miles E
Goraj 13 miles W
Frampol 13 miles W
Turobin 14 miles NW
Krasnobrod 15 miles SE
Tarnogora 15 miles NNE
Zolkiewka 15 miles NNW
Izbica 15 miles NE
Bilgoraj 16 miles SW
Chrzanow 16 miles WNW
Jozefow 16 miles S
Gorzkow 17 miles N
Wysokie 20 miles NW

Packed with history; this book opens a unique window to life in this
shtetl. A must-read! Certainly a welcome gift to the relative who
would appreciate this unique history of their shtetl.

Joel Alpert, Coordinator of the Yizkor-Books-In-Print Project

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