What does "Na'az" mean? #names #translation #belarus

Linda Kelley

In the 1930s, my Bereskin relatives in Chicago had a blueprint family tree drawn up.
The oldest person on the tree is Na'az Zvie. There are records for him as Girsh, son of Noson, born about 1800, living in Bobruisk, Belarus. Zvi means Hirsh/Girsh, but what about Na'az?
When I enter Naaz into JewishGen Unified search as a given name, there are some men named Noz. That is pretty close, and might refer to his father, Noson. Is there any other logical explanation for the name written as Na'az? Could it be an abbreviation in Hebrew or Yiddish?
Thank you!!
Linda Wolfe Kelley
Portland, OR, USA

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