Re: Help ship records - not all family did entire journey to USA #belarus #usa #russia #records

Stephen Weinstein

On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 11:31 AM, <mandy.molava@...> wrote:
I wondered if anyone knew if there were any such thing as an 'early leavers ship records' anywhere? 
1. Sometimes the list was prepared in advance, before the ship reached England, and everyone planning to go to the U.S. was put on it, and then those who got off early were crossed out.  So look on the list for the ship from when it reached the U.S., at the crossed out names, and see if she's one of them.
2. There are surviving lists of who departed from some ports.  (Ancestry has a good collection of departures from one port in Germany, but most of the passengers show up on the [free] Statue of Liberty / Ellis Island Foundation database of passengers who arrived at New York, so I rarely use it.  But it would be good for your situation, if she left from that port.)
Stephen Weinstein
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