Włoszczowa Books of Residents Polish Index extracted #poland


JRI-Poland is pleased to announce the extraction of the Polish Index to the Włoszczowa Book of Residents, with sincere thanks to the diligent efforts of volunteer Ornit Laska.  This Book of Residents includes permanent residents of the town of Włoszczowa who were alive from 1890. The book was updated through 1931, and the Index was likely created around 1928.


The information in the volumes is arranged by house number and household, and includes the resident’s parentage, date-of-birth (and date-of-death within this period), town of birth, last town of residence, occupation and relation to head-of-household. The data offers an invaluable supplement to metric records. Nine out of ten of the Book of Residents volumes survived.


For a surname list from the index, please contact me: judyggenealogy@...


Judy Golan

JRI-Poland Kielce Area Coordinator

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