Re: Info on Leah/Luba Gertzovsky and possible son/ step son Jack Miller #belarus


On Sat, Dec 12, 2020 at 11:35 AM, Emma Field wrote:
his surname is Movshovich Gertsovsky
Movshovich is a male patronymic name, an indicator of his father's name, not his last name.  His father's first name was Movsha (same as Moshe, Moses, etc).  Gertsovskiy is the last (family) name.
If Zalman had a sister named Girl, her full name would have been Girl Movshovna Gertsovskaya.  Zalman's children's full names would have been Boy Zalmonovich (or Solomonovich) Gertsovskiy and Girl Zalmonovna (or Solomonovna) Gertsovskaya.

In the beginning of the post you typed "Leba", but later you typed "Luba".  I assume the first one was a typo.  Luba/Lyuba is a common Russian name, diminutive for for Lubov/Lyubov ("Love"), so likely a nickname for Leah. Just like Solomon is a Russian version of Shloyme.  Likewise, Zalman is also a kinui for Shloyme.

Mike Vayser

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