Where is Kristelowka/Kristelowha? #russia

Jay L Gordon

One of my great-grandmothers is listed on a ship's manifest as Esther Jirsolinsky, last place of residence Kristalowka/Kristelowha. This was the S.S. Statendam, sailing from Rotterdam to New York, arriving January 28, 1905. On her 1944 Declaration of Intention, this information is the same, although in the USA she used the surname Jerusalem, and some siblings shortened that to Jeruss. On this Declaration document, she lists "Kiev, Russia" as her birth place. Some on Ancestry have put her parents in Białystok, but that's nearly 800 km/ 500m from Kyiv, so I don't know about that.
I did a Google search for "Kristalowka" and "Kristelowha," and even the formidable Google came up empty. Does anyone know what place this is? Image from ship's manifest below.

Thank you.

- Jay Gordon

Image below:

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