Re: Children of Rabbi Shmuel and Rachel LANDAU-Volozhin #lithuania #rabbinic #names

Sharon E Siegel

We do not have this name, but we believe we are related to you in Jerusalem. 

We have traced you to some letters my husband's parents corresponded with close relatives with this last name.  

They are Anna Iglicka Rzezak Siegel and Israel Rzezak Siegel, Port Jervis, NY.  They came from Lodz, Poland.  

Anna's father was a rabbi in Lodz, Shlomo (Szalama) Iglicki and wife Rose (Roza) Pakentreger Iglicka.

They and much of their family will murdered while Anna and Israel endured years on the run, then in Siberian forestry camp, and work farms across Russia, surviving the loss of a baby, life-threatening diseases and more.

If anyone has anything on  Lodz, Poland rabbi and familiy it was so much also be appreciated.  Shlomo (Szalama) Iglicki and wife Rose (Roza) Pakentreger Iglicka.
Sincerely, Sharon and Stan Siegel, Port Jervis, NY

Sharon E. Siegel 
Port Jervis, NY USA

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