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Adam Cherson

Meanwhile in Megiddo: Exploring the Araxian Pedigree of Munye der Chazzan...

This illustrated paper looks closely at the ancient genetics of one small lineage within a sub-branch of a people sometimes known as Semitic, with implications for Near Eastern history. Applying a combination of tools: yDNA haplogrouping, ancientDNA, Primary Component Analysis. biblical genealogies, and archaeological finds, the result is a reconstruction of the lineage from the Epipaleolithic to the Early Iron Age. Some of the questions addressed include: 1) what is the deep genetic ancestry of the ‘antediluvian’ Near Eastern people, 2) where did the events reported in the Great Flood story occur, 3) where did Noah’s grandson Arphaxad live, 4) where did Abraham live before being instructed by G-d to migrate to Canaan, 5) what socio-political conditions surrounded Abraham’s migration, and 6) is there genetic evidence for the historicity of biblical genealogies involving Shem, Arphaxad, Abraham, Ishmael, and Aharon?

Pre-print (PDF download, free of charge):

Adam Cherson, MPA-JD
Khrszn haCohen Project at FTDNA

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