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I don't think that story is too unusual. Some passengers were forced to disembark becuase they only had enough fare for that part of the journey even though they thought they had tickets through to the United States.
In Dublin, Ireland, local Jewish residents would go down to meet the ships coming to meet and Jewish travellers and give them a welcome to Dublin.
John Edwards

 I am afraid the "Scotland=New York" story is an old wives tale. Passengers knew what tickets they had and the itinerary. They knew if they had to disembark the ship and travel part of their journey by train.

Very few, if any, ships arrived in Scotland with continued onward passage from the same port by ship to the USA. Passengers HAD to disembark. Virtually all ships arriving in the UK arrived at East Coast or South Coast ports. Passengers traveling to the USA who had arrived at East Coast UK ports then took trains to West Coast UK ports to continue their journeys.

I am not aware of ships arriving in Dublin from mainland Europe (the most efficient journeys were to the East Coast UK ports).. Where did those Dublin arrivals come from? Many of the ships leaving Glasgow and Liverpool stopped at Irish ports enroute to the USA and some passengers wanting to disembark in Ireland would have done so. Are they the immigrants greeted by the local Jewish residents of Dublin?

Michael Tobias

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