Re: Life in Lodz #lodz

Peter Heilbrunn


I had relatives on both sides of my family who where sent to Lodz in 1941 and didn't survive. I have visited the city and walked the streets of the Ghetto which remain remarkably unaltered. The railway station with its tunnel memorial is particularly moving. A Jewish cemetery is also nearby.
For the specific Ghetto period 1941 to 1944 I can recommend the following English language books;

Lodz Ghetto - Inside a community under siege by Alan Adelson & Robert Lapides ISBN 014013228-7

The Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto 1941-1944 Lucjan Dobroszycki ISBN 030003208-0. This is a day by day chronicle

Ghettostadt: Lodz and the making of a Nazi city. Gordon Horwitz ISBN 978067404554-5

Peter Heilbrunn

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