Manny 'Emanuel' Isenberg - Toledo? #general


Dear All,

I'm doing research on Manny Isenberg. I've got a DNA match with a cousin from my mom (Ruth Skop) and that has led me to him.  

I have a hinch that he might be my mom's father.  Anyone know more information about him? My grandma lived in Toledo at the time when she came home pregnant with my mom. There were plans to get married he was in the home remodelling business, but in the adoption paperwork it says he didn't want to accept his parental duties.

Father David Isenberg, Mother Bertha, Brother Solomon, Sister Augusta, Hilda....

Would be interesting to chat more about the situation if anyone can help.  A few others are helping me but I don't know how to proceed with gathering more information or perhaps even starting to contact a few more cousins without invading their privacy... 

Thanks a lot!
Michelle Cosier 

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