Re: Wolk family #lithuania

David Wolk

Many thanks for your response.  As mentioned in my search entry my grandfather's brother, Rabbi Louis Wolk, emigrated to South Africa during the first decade of the twentieth century and he lived and worked in a number of communities including a short stint in what was then the Belgium Congo.  I am aware that he and his wife had three children, a son Charles who died in his early thirties, and two daughters who eventually lived in Johannesburg.  If there was a 'David', I am unaware of it but it's possible.  Some years ago a friend mentioned a David Wolk who was a dentist in South Africa but I was unable to trace that information.  I do know that Louis's son also had a son, Jonathan, who eventually became a medical doctor but he is untraceable; he may not be alive.  Unfortunately I could not find Vivienne Wolk on the Geni site (likely the result of technology ignorance on my part) and the uct site did not list any Wolks.

I'd welcome any additional information or thoughts you may have on the Wolk family.

Rgds -   David Wolk

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