Re: Simcha RUBINSTEIN, Viseul de Sus to Jabotinsky Street #hungary #romania

Evelyn and Christopher Wilcock

I am trying to trace a Rubinstein family with a descendant whose DNA matches include people with the place Viseul de Sus, Maramures, Romania in their tree. Jacob Rubinstein born 1861 in Russia.

Most Rubinsteins in UK records seem to come from Rumania. There is at least one UK naturalisation for a Rubenstein from Rumania in the catalogue of the UK National Archives at Kew, plus entries on the censuses. I dont think this was our family who gave their birthplace as Russia. Border changes make these nationalities problematic.. 
But there is also a post war 1947 naturalisation possibility of a Rubenstein man living in Salford. I have not been able to examine the certificate due to Covid and my age preventing me coming out of lock down.
Unfortunately a copy naturalisation certificate costs £30 or so because it is a legal proof of nationality (although not in this case obviously as the subject is long dead).
I have had great difficulty replying to you as I cant see your email. But I think my email will appear with this post, if you would like to co-operate with me in taking this further..
 Evelyn Wilcock

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