Only first name known, unknown last name in New Jersey #usa #names

Marilyn Robinson

Several years ago, I found a September, 1963 letter addressed to my maternal grandmother, Gussie Levine Schultz, signed by a nephew, "Peter". He referred to my grandmother as his "aunt". TheĀ  letter was from West-Long Branch, NJ., but no street address was listed. It was signed as, "Peter & Elise & children (three of them)". One of the children's names mentioned, was "Roland"; no other names were included in the note.

A couple of my grandmother's siblings were from NJ & perhaps this was one of their families (perhaps grandchildren), but I've never heard of these people.

The last names of NJ relatives that I know of were: REICHMAN (or RICHMAN)--(two sisters, married to two brothers & their families), TAUFIELD, NASAR.

I have tried using first name only (Peter, Roland, & Elise) on both Ancestry & FamilySearch,& as well as with the above last names, along with West-Long Branch, NJ, but have not found anything.

Can anyone make any suggestions on how to pursue these unknown relatives?

Marilyn Robinson

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