OCJGS December Meeting on Sunday at 10:00 am Pacific Time #jgs-iajgs #announcements #events

Michelle Sandler

The next Orange County California JGS meeting is Sunday December 20th
at 10:00 am. Lara Diamond: Finding Family in the Old Country: Getting
creative when records are scarce.
European borders were fluid, meaning that records for one family can
be written in many languages and kept in disparate locations. This
talk examines one large family that lived in the area that now spans
the Ukraine/Romanian border. They lived there while it was part of
Hungary, Czechoslovakia & Romania, Hungary again, Soviet Union and
Ukraine. Records from this area were kept in multiple languages and
are currently held in several modern countries and different archives
within those countries. What ended up being a very large family was
reconstructed using a variety of methods, including synagogue records,
vital records, census enumerations, Holocaust documents, Yizkor books,
DNA and more. This talk will discuss the wide variety of resources
used to reconstruct this family over the course of decades, bringing
the family back to the 1700s and tracing distant cousins across the
world. Registration is required. Register on our website
www.OCJGS.org. Fee is free to members and 5$ for non members.

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