Re: Wolk family #lithuania

Sherri Bobish


Did you see both pages of the manifest for Lena WOLK?  The person left behind info is on one page, and the person bound to info on another.

The info on the daughter is written over other words, so hard to see.  The initial words say "friends in Russia," then the info on the daughter is over it.  I had to enlarge the screen to try to read it. 

The daughter's first name, I *think*, may be Yetta.  Surname definitely not WOLK, so must be the daughter's married name.  Surname *might* be something like SNELST or SRELSTU??

I thought the town name read Pilbesok Smalka, but looking at it with a magnifying glass (a tool us old genealogists will remember using when records were on microfilm!) I now think the second word *might* be Suwalki.

I found the manifest by using
I searched for surname WOLK, and town name starting with letter P.

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish

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