Re: Wolk family #lithuania


Hi David, 

Here is Hyman's death certificate.

The names of his parents were Morris Wolk and Lillian Levinson. Obviously the names were anglicized. The informant was his son Louis. 

Here is his grave, i believe that on the stone you will find the Hebrew name of his father.

Regarding the information Sherri gave you, i believe  that the place in which  Lena's  daughter was living,  was Pilvishok, Suwalki gubernia (now Lithuania). 

Notice also that, according to the passenger list, Lena's last residence was Petkuny, and her birthplace was Krakinovo.

May i ask what was your source about Hyman's birthplace (Petkunai)?  Do you know the name of the sister that also emigrated to the US? 

Giannis Daropoulos 


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