Re: Life in Lodz #lodz


Dear Sharon, My uncle, Dr. Jacob Stupay, his wife and two children lived in Lodz from the early 1920s until the war. He returned to Lodz from Krakow alone, losing his family, and lived there from 1945 until,his death in 1955. I have written about him and his life in Lodz. The title of my book is "Hope Expired, Life Persists", published by the University of Lodz in 2014. It is in English and available on Amazon. Lodz was and is an amazing city with a major university, museums, and a vibrant culture that the Nazi's destroyed during the war. It has made some strides to recover its place in Poland and has an excellent Jewish Studies Center at University of Lodz.  Let me know how I can help. Arthur Stupay, USA

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