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My great great grandfather travelled from Krasilov Ukraine to Tzefat Palestine in August 1899.He sent a letter to his daughter setting out the travel details. The town/cities are in Hrbrew and I have been unable to find (through Google) what the English equivalent .three  that are clear are Istanbul and Tripoli and Beirut.
The letter states that he left by boat to Istambul. Since he was coming from Krasilov ,I presume that he left Ukraine from Odessa ( ?).
The following are the cities  mentioned in order (  איסטאמבול>דארביגלען>מארטילן>אזמירוב>חיאת>סאמיסט>טריפולי>(דרך ספינה
ביירוט<: צפת 
 Can anyone identify the towns  with English spelling  -except for Istanbul,Tripoli, Beirut and Tzefat
Thank you,

Hillel Bick

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