Re: PINCUS Headstone photos #general


Hello Len,
My name is Elizabeth Pincus Libutti and I just joined your group. I was looking for information on my grandparent's candy store in Brooklyn, NY during the 1940's and came across your photo of the headstones.  Those are my grandparents' headstones.  I have visited that site at Mr. Hebron Cemetery in Flushing, Queens, NY many times as a child. I never met my grandfather, but I did know my grandmother.  My sister and I commented on the small stones still atop the  headstones....thinking those may very well be the stones we ourselves placed there!  I would also like to know more about you and your family.  Could we be distantly related?  I have lots of information from stories told to me by my father which I would love to share with you if you would be interested.
Thank you so much for posting the brings back many wonderful memories.
Elizabeth Libutti

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