Sonia nee Greenberg Penn Helfand's brother??? #lithuania #israel #names


I got Sonia nee Greenberg Penn Helfand's marriage certificate: her father is Mosche Greenberg and mother is Tauva Miriam Mesimik. 

I just learned that Sonia has a brother - no one knows anything. The Greenberg family in Israel just mentioned this info to me as they vaguely recall that Sonia and a brother came from Mosche's first wife. 

Mosche was married to 2nd wife (dont know name) and they had four children: Lena, Mishka, Grishka and Emke. The children were born in Sarota, Russia.

Mosche, 2nd wife and Lena were killed in the Holocaust while 3 children survived and moved to Israel: I am in touch with their respective families. They don't know anything about Mosche and his 2nd wife since they were killed in the Holocaust. The family never talked about it.

Sonia moved to Philadelphia, PA and was married to Harry Penn and they had two sons Arthur and Irving Penn. All deceased. The Penn Family doesnt know anything about Sonia's background. 

Sonia divorced and remarried to Meyer Helfand. Both buried in NJ. Sonia was born in Novo Alexandrovsk, Russia. 

A Chaim Greenberg's granddaughter Dara nee Rosenberg Kurtz and I have a DNA match - Dara knows nothing about Chaim's family as he left the family when Dara's mother was very young. Chaim Greenberg was married to Cecilia Feinberg and they have one daughter. Doris Salameth who married to Sidney (Sol) Rosenberg. 

What is the best source to look for?

Thank you
Sharon Ann Dror
Burbank, CA

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