ERRATUM: Searching info on Myriam Karesh / Alpern - Emigrated from Triczianne to Palestine circa 1907 #poland #israel

David Askienazy

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Myriam (Marie) was my grandfather’s grandmother. 

All the info I got on her comes from family sources (oral and written memoirs).

Myriam emigrated from Triczianne (Poland) to Palestine, circa 1907. I estimate she was in her 50’s ou 60’s. 

In Triczianne, she was the wife of Reb Zalmen (Solomon) Alpern. After he died, she moved to Palestine. 
Myriam was the daughter of William / Charles Karesh (there was a large community of Karesh in Triczianne, and many have emigrated to South Carolina.) 
In Palestine, depending on my sources (memoirs written by members of the family)
- She married Reb KLOSBERG, circa 1913, and his buried in the Mount of Olives
- She married the "chief rabbi of Palestine » (but I’m not sure this status existed), and the two of them are buried "in the territory which is now part of Jordan » (written in 1991)
Myriam emigrated to Palestine with her son Shepsel Alpern. Shepsel then moved and settled in America. I’m in touch with some of his descendants. 
I contacted the Mount of Olives. They found no trace of Myriam. 
If any of this sounds familiar to you, it would be of great help
David Askienazy 

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