Family Connections: Lviv - Vienna #austria-czech #ukraine


Recently, I posted a query regarding my HEILPERN family & its extended family. Looking at old photos with & without id, and recalling names my father mentioned being, "cousins of some sort."  I hope to connect these faces/names to my family tree, but there are BIG gaps. I posted 3 photos on View Mate about a week ago, #88955-57 hoping to id the men shown.  The names I have in mind would connect on my father's maternal line, and from what I know so far, they would likely be in these families: STROH, PINELES & RAPPAPORT, (and maybe POLTURAK). My grandmother was, Ernestine Lea Korpus, born 1881, in Lemberg/Lwow/Lviv. Most of these families were also in that area, and eventually many of them ended up in Wien/Vienna & a lot of them were in the medical field.  Any suggestions on finding more siblings & married-in people & resulting children connected to these names; any possible relations along the family names mentioned here?  
Leah Heilpern Snider
Silverdale, Washington/ USA

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