Re: Help = Ancestry DNA .. is it worth looking below 2nd Cousin if no proof in trees or known relatives? #dna


Yes!  I have even met my 3rd cousin once removed and my 4th cousins!  I lucked out finding my paternal grandfather's family.  I found my Great Great Grandparent's names including my Great Great Grandmother's maiden mame on an early 1900's NYC marriage license of my Great Grandfather's sister.  
It was my Great Great Grandmother's family who I found.  One of my cousins lives in the next town as me.  Crazy to think we all came from a tiny town in Russia (now Belarus), started out on the East Coast and ended up living just miles away in California.  
Also located a 3rd cousin on my paternal Grandmother's side who lives 2 towns away and we've gotten together a few times.  
Sometimes you get lucky and can find exactly where that person is in your tree.  

I also found my Mom's father's family by posting on a message board on Ancestry.  I never thought I'd have any luck because the name was changed to Cohen from what I thought was spelled Tsucker.
A cousin recognized the story, Cohen family in Rochester, NY and they had a missing Max.  It took a few years for her to find my post.  When I did speak with her she asked about the Tsucker name.  I said I was writing phonetically and the name meant Sugar.  Turns out the correct spelling was actually Cukier.  I was really surprised by the actual spelling.  By the end of our conversation she had sent me a photo (previously unidentified) of my Grandmother and Uncle.  And I sent her photos of my Great grandfather.  
In all these cases I was able fill in a lot of my tree.  Not everyone will write back to you.  I usually put all my family's last names and locations and people seem more likely to write back with the more info you provide. 
You never know what you'll find!

Elissa Haden

Researching: WALLACH/VOLAKH from Bocki, Poland - WATNICK/VATNIK and KAPLAN from Svislach, Belarus - GLICK/WEISS from Hungary and Utica NY - FELDMAN from Lodz - GOLDMAN - Lomza and more..

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