Re: Help = Ancestry DNA .. is it worth looking below 2nd Cousin if no proof in trees or known relatives? #dna

Carl Kaplan

I have attended several webinars, and they tend to advise to ignore the "relationship estimate", and rather go with the numbers, and what you know about the family. The numbers I use, from the webinars, for a match worth going after, are Total = >95 cM and one segment > 20cM and two additional segments >10 cM. But that can move. If I see a match that's close, I send a message. The whole idea is to narrow down the thousands of matches. I have definitely found 3rd cousins who were less of a match. One also has to take into consideration what is in the total. Ancestry seems to subtract small pieces from their total. At least this is how I do it. The main objective is to take it down to a manageable number. 

As for replies, good luck. I get very few, and that seems to be a common story. To me, that makes sense. Most of the TV commercials selling DNA kits talk about ethnicity, so I assume most people are ordering DNA kits to find their ethnicity. Since they don't care about matches, they're done. Some sites tell you when the person last logged on. Lots of them are over a year. I have also learned to put as much information as I am comfortable with in my message. I have received several that say, "I think we are related". That doesn't make me want to jump to reply. Lastly, I somewhat ignore last names in common. For a 3rd cousin, and I have found several through DNA, the names can change many times, especially if the connection is mainly through females. Your match can easily be on the 4th surname from the original. Hope this helps.
Carl Kaplan

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