Re: Two New SURNAME DATABASES to Check Out! #announcements #records

Paul Zoglin

This is a marvelous and significant addition to Miriam's pioneering work cataloguing Jewish records in the Eastern European archives.  The JewishGen Belarus Research Division was very fortunate to be given access to Miriam's Belarus research a couple years ago.  It led to the Miriam Weiner Archive Database for Belarus which is now incorporated into Miriam's new Surname Databases which include over 1 million names from many other regions as well as maps and images of original documents (and more to come).  The value of Miriam's work is not just in data on individual surnames but in the vast record sources her work has revealed.  We are forever indebted to Miriam for leading the way in our journey to trace our ancestral roots.
Dave Feldman
Sharon Fingold
Paul Zoglin
JewishGen Belarus Research Division leadership

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