New collection on the Routes to Roots Foundation website. #announcements

Stanley Diamond

Miriam Weiner has done it again! The new Images and Surname Databases
on the Routes to Roots website  RTRFoundation-News: Announcements
provide all genealogists with a highly visual opportunity to dig deeper into our
collective past.

Users will love being able to search for their specific family names in the many
documents that Miriam has lovingly collected and transcribed over her career
as a private researcher. And her efforts to put the collections into context
provide a memoir-like quality to the descriptions that are highly readable and
For readers who are fairly new to genealogical research, it is important to keep
in mind that the documents and photos in the Routes to Roots collection are not
items randomly downloaded from the Internet.  They reflect years of research
on the ground in Eastern Europe, items collected one by one that together make
a remarkable group of resources that might well have something for many of us.
Mazel Tov, Miriam and thank you for your decades of research and all you have
done to utilize it in ways that have been of benefit to us all.
Stanley Diamond, Executive Director
Robinn Magid, Assistant Director

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