Miriam continues to amaze! #announcements #records

Hal Bookbinder

Miriam Weiner kindly provided me with a tour of the latest upgrade to her Routes to Roots database. Miriam continues to amaze with her achievements in providing valuable and unique free online resources to our community.


One thing this has long made the Routes to Roots database unique is its information as to which archive contains particular record groups. So, if you find a record group that interests you, typically through Miriam’s site, you can further explore it’s records directly at the host archive.


Miriam’s more recent upgrades include a powerful name and location search, along with numerous city maps and pictures that she has gathered over her years of research and travels in Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Belarus and Lithuania.


Miriam explained to me that this is a work-in-progress and that she still has significant data, pictures and maps to upload. So, I encourage you to check out www.rtrfoundation.org again over time.


Hal Bookbinder



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