RUBIN Family--Not Much Information #usa

Marilyn Robinson

Hi All, I have another of those family mysteries that needs your advice in order to solve. Here are the only known, limited facts:

I have 3 photos from a deceased family member, labeled: Fanny & Harry RUBIN:
-One photo shows who I assume are the parents, Fanny & Harry, with 3 young children--2 girls & 1 boy (one girl looks to be about 13-14 yrs., the other about 12 yrs., & the boy about 9-10 yrs.) The younger two are wearing ribbons on their shoulders, as if they were corsages.
-One photo has Fanny & Harry + 2 young adults--possibly daughter & son.
-Third photo is Fanny & Harry only.

The only family RUBIN that I know about is my maternal gr. gr. grandmother, Gussie RUBIN (m. Moses/Morris Reichman, possibly from Warsaw), so perhaps Harry is related to her somehow.
Checking Harry & Fanny RUBINs with so little information isĀ  very difficult---there are sooo many of them!! I came across one RUBiN family that may be a vague possibility---they had a son named "Kevy" (b. 12/14/1923). When I followed his trail, he listed his employer on his WWII registration, "Regent Julie-Bag Co., Inc." One of my family names is "REGENT", so possibly this business was owned by a distant relative of mine, & Kevy was working for them.
One of the downsides to Kevy being a relative, however is that only one sister (Anna) & one brother (Irving) were listed on various census reports & this Harry's naturalization papers [#384748]---not the reverse of two sisters, as in my photo.
With so little solid information available, can anyone suggest what I should do to pursue the RUBIN family?? (The above described family lived in NY, I don't know where my RUBINs lived--could have been NY or possibly NJ.
Thank You,
Marilyn Robinson

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