Re: Treasure Hunters Are Told To Stay Away From Buchenwald Due to Documentary #germany #holocaust

Sam G.

I was able to see this 30 min. summary.  (Thank you for the link, Yvonne Stern?) Lots of technical details on the attempt to penetrate the bunkers in search of the alleged loot, but alas, none was found. 

My grandfather Samuel GRONNER was assigned to the quarry during his second incarceration in Buchenwald from Nov. 1941 to Jan 1942.  All detailed in my book, "Loss & Legacy: The Half-Century Quest to Reclaim a Birthright by the Nazis." Both my grandfather and his wife Helene Gronner (geb. SANDLER) were deported from Weimar on May 10, 1942, never to be heard from again.

-Amnon Gronner, USA

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