Information sought on GIMPEL Leopold & Janette #germany


Leopold GIMPEL, born 5. October 1900 in Lemberg/L’wow, died 13. February 1970 in Munich. He was a victim of the fire attack on the Jewish Old Age Home in Munich.

His wife Jeanette GIMPEL survived the terror attack. We know that after the war Leopold and his wife are listed as residing in Munich.

On a list from Bad Arolsen we found that they left Munich for USA. Address given, 975 N Delaware Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. They arrived in NY on the General RM Blatchford in 1951. We also know that both GIMPEL returned to Munich in about 1965.

Where did LEOPOLD GIMPEL survive the war?
When did he marry Jeanette?
Where did they get married?
What was Jeanette’s maiden name?
Are there any children from this marriage?

From Leopold age it is possible that he had been married before the war and that he and Jeanette were survivors who got married after the war. I am grateful for any information.

Shulamit Spain, Scotland

Researching: GIMPEL, CITRONENBLATT, KIEFERBAUM from Lemberg/L’wow

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